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Учение от Гобла

The Rules Reclaiming Your Freedom, Your Manhood, and Your Sanity Brant von Goble

Маркетологи уничтожили цивилизацию. Но есть надежда. Не надо лгать. надо уметь различать ложь... В общем, правила свободной жизни в Учении Гобла. Книга о том, как стать свободным.

This is a book of hope—hope of the realistic sort.
The world of our fathers’ has passed into darkness. You cannot uncook the burger. Community has collapsed. Long-term and stable employment is but a distant memory for those old enough to remember it. For the rest of us, it is myth. The family, at least as historically defined, fares not much better. This is fine. Life is what it is. Death, the same. Let the dead bury the dead.
There is hope.
We may well be dominated by abusive, intrusive, overbearing, and soul-crushing bureaucracies, ideologues, and corporate interests, yet they cannot know all. They cannot see all. Their powers are limited. Their powers are less than they would have us believe.
The marketers, the Marxists, the utopianists, and the feminists won—they won half the war. They annihilated one civilization so that they could build another on the ashen ruins. They have built things. They have built a great many of them, and some of that which they have built looks quite impressive.
But all they have constructed stands on an assumption—that you may react, that you may fight, but that you will eventually comply.
They never thought you would adapt. They never considered the possibility that you could. For this, they have no plan. Here is the problem with deluded dreamers and their fantastical castles:
In their wild imaginings, no one but the dreamer has agency. No matter how psychedelic the view behind their eyelids, one fact
remains—dreamers think that only they have souls. Everyone else is but an automaton or a piece to be moved around a board.
In the long run, the strongest—the best suited to a given environment or task—lose out to the most adaptable. Remember that when you hear some fool brag of momentary success. You can adapt. You can prosper, but it will not be easy. So long as the world is not engulfed in flames, all is not lost. So long as you keep breathing, you probably need not despair.
Your adversaries and oppressors are well-funded, well-trained, and well-equipped—good for them, bad for you! They are also rigid, singularly unacclimated to hardship, and lacking in creativity —bad for them, good for you! They can excel when they make all the rules, so long as they can change the rules whenever doing so suits them.
But you have rules of your own. You have the Rules.
So how do you win?
First, stop deceiving yourself and stop believing the lies of others. The standards and expectations to which you are told to hold yourself are as contradictory as they are insane. Efforts to shame and manipulate you into compliance can be identified as such, dissected, and rendered harmless.
Second, learn to distinguish between that which you have been told you want and that which you really want. After that, setting priorities for yourself is easy.
Third, starve the beast. Work every day to take more from and give less to the people and systems that would destroy you.
Fourth, take the path of liberation. It has been opened for you, ironically enough, by those who wish you to remain in bondage.
You have been given an entire corridor filled with exits. Know -- where they are and how to open them, always. With few exceptions, men surrender their freedom before it is taken from them. Do not be one of those men.
Life has been hard for the vast majority of people (men and women) in every country, in every culture, and in every era. Aside from the inherent brutality of nature, much of what made life hard for men was the effort they needed to expend to support and aid others. The technologists, inventors, and scientists did much to free humanity from labor and drudgery. The ideologues did also, but quite without intent or understanding. That the efforts of the former have improved our lives is obvious, that the efforts of the latter did is less so.
Marriage, family, religious traditions, employer/employee loyalty, established social obligations and connections—soon nuclear shadows and history books will be the last extant testaments to their existences. Even the books will mold and decay in time.
Here is the thing about winning half a war: The supposedly triumphant also lost half of it. If he (or it) really won at all is debatable. That matter is not settled.
So now you stand with eyes clear and open. Your enemies may see you, but they cannot see what you have become—a free man, capable of thinking for himself. Their ignorance is your advantage.
Do not waste this opportunity to enjoy your short and precious existence. Follow the Rules. Apply them to all that you do. Beware of tyrants. You owe this to yourself. To others, you owe respect for their rights. And unless you have chosen to obligate yourself to another, you owe no one else anything at all.
You are free. This is your life. Fight for it. Win.

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