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Мечты Гамильтона
Ричард Докинз пишет о желании своего друга (и учителя) после его смерти лежать на дне леса в джунглях Амазонки, чтобы тело послужило пищей для личинок жуков. «Позже, в их детях, которых заботливо вырастили рогатые родители из шариков размером с кулак, вылепленных из моей плоти, я сбегу. Ни червяка мне, ни мухи грязной:
переустроенный и многочисленный, я наконец вырвусь из земли, как пчелы из гнезда. Я перенесусь, жук за жуком, я перелечу в бразильские джунгли под звездами».

Again, I mentioned earlier how nineteenth and twentieth century materialism re-captures some of the sense of wonder and depth in contemplating the whole of nature which we could find in the ancient world in the writings of Lucretius. The wonder is not only at the stupendous whole, but at the way in which we emerge, in one way fragile and insignif i cant, and yet capable of grasping this whole. Pascal’s theme of the human being as a thinking reed can be played as well in an atheist and materialist register. One can even say that a kind of piety arises here, in which we recognize that for all our detachment in objectivating thought, we ultimately belong to this whole, and return to it. In the moving obituary for his colleague and mentor, William Hamilton, Richard Dawkins writes of his friend’s wish at his death “to be laid out on the forest floor in the Amazon jungle and interred by burying beetles as food for their larvae”:
“Later, in their children, reared with care by horned parents out of fist-sized balls moulded from my flesh, I will escape. No worm for me, or sordid fly:
rearranged and multiple, I will at last buzz from the soil like bees out of a nest—indeed, buzz louder than bees, almost like a swarm of motor bikes. I shall be borne, beetle by flying beetle, out into the Brazilian wilderness beneath the stars.” One might say, that so articulated, this sense of wonder, and piety of belonging, is not just compatible with a naturalist, immanentist perspective, it supposes it; it is an intrinsic part of such a perspective.

A Secular Age
Сharles Taylor

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